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About me

I was born and educated in Paris and have been working as a French tutor and teacher in West Kent and London for many years.

Raising a bilingual child has given me good insight into teaching both children and adults, at different stages and in different settings.

I have a real French, ‘throwing-up-my-hands-in-the-air’ passion for teaching others my language and culture. In particular, I find that my knowledge of literature and history is appreciated by learners, both children and adults.

I customise the content of each lesson to the level of my students and the goals they seek to achieve, be that passing a Common Entrance exam, excelling at GCSE / A-Level / IB exams, at University level, or gaining a working knowledge of French for everyday or business use.

Having personal experience of dyslexia has taught me to vary my teaching methods according to the needs and learning styles of my students.

I design a lot of my own resources, always placing a strong emphasis on understanding and mastering French grammar. In doing so, my aim is to empower students, so they can express themselves as individuals - rather than learning set phrases, 'by the book'.

The targets I set are individual and challenging but reachable, and I am always patient and supportive.


  • Private tutoring since 2002

  • Teacher of adults at Greenwich Community College, since 2010 - Advanced French classes and Beginners French and Spanish classes - and Senior Tutor (General Interest Courses), since 2019

  • Curriculum Co-ordinator and Teacher of Year 6 bilingual children at Ecole des Copains (formerly Petite Ecole Kentoise), since 2012


  • Masters (Research) in Anglo-Saxon (English language) Literature, Sorbonne, Paris

  • Graduate in English and Spanish Language and Literature, Sorbonne, Paris

  • Qualification for teaching in Further Education

  • CRB checked

Where my students attend or have attended


Common Entrance / 13+ preparation for students to attend:

Benenden School, Kent

Rugby School, Warwickshire

Eton College, Berkshire

Sevenoaks School, Kent

Lancing College, West Sussex


GCSE / I-GCSE preparation for students at:

Benenden School, Kent

Stowe School, Buckinghamshire

Eton College, Berkshire

Sutton Valence School, Kent

King’s Rochester, Kent

The Judd School, Kent

Lancing College, West Sussex

The Skinners' School, Kent

Lingfield Notre Dame, Surrey

Tonbridge Grammar School, Kent

Rugby School, Warwickshire

Tonbridge School, Kent

Sevenoaks School, Kent

Tunbridge Wells Girls' Grammar School, Kent

St Gregory's Catholic School, Kent

Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys, Kent


Preparation for A-Levels and IB for students who went on to attend:

Bristol University

University College London (UCL)

Cambridge University

University of Essex

Oxford University

University of Nottingham

Trinity College Dublin

University of Surrey

Université de la Sorbonne, Paris

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