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Coaching services


Ongoing Tutoring

Many children benefit from regular support to supplement and further develop what they have learnt in class.

Often, I simply need to identify and remedy some gaps in students' basic building blocks of grammar to see rapid improvement.

Whether tutoring motivated children in primary school or secondary and higher education students, my aim is to empower learners by providing them with clear explanations, key structures and memory techniques. Thus, students gain confidence, progress and ultimately enjoy French.

Exam Specific

I have extensive experience in teaching the skills required to succeed in GCSE, AS/A2 Levels, IB, Pre-U, and University Degree exams.

I help my GCSE students develop confidence in their own ability by securing and going beyond the linguistic basics needed for their exam.

Beyond GCSE level, students also need a growing knowledge and understanding of French culture, society, history and literature. According to students needs, sessions can be tailored specifically to one or other of these aspects, or in combination.

Teaching modalities: 1 to 1 or group sessions, at home, or via Skype.



Your business has specific requirements

A traditional 'French for business' course will provide you with the basics you need to communicate with French speaking partners and official bodies. However, few courses offer to go beyond this.

I can offer a 'bespoke course", designed for the special requirements of your business and your field of expertise. A 'bespoke business' course will not only focus on the vocabulary specific to your work area, but will also provide you with an insight into French codes of communication.

I will meet with you in person, by phone or by video conference, so that we can define your specific needs. Once this initial process is completed, I will design the course, and then deliver it when it suits you.

Teaching modalities: 1 to 1 and group sessions, either at your premises, or via Skype sessions.



Conversation classes can be great fun. They are particularly useful to help you prepare for holidays in France, but are also good for keeping your brain active!

‘French for Holidays’ focuses on practising ‘survival skills’ (going to the doctor, the pharmacist, the museum, etc.) and learning some basic French socio-cultural habits. The sessions use roleplaying and free conversation.

‘French for the Brain’ - speaking a foreign language keeps your brain active. Regardless of your knowledge of French language, conversation is a great way to work your memory and improve your French. Short texts provided in advance help you prepare for the conversation session. At a more advanced level, conversation can freely move on to other related or unrelated topics.

 Teaching modalities: 1 to 1 or group sessions, at home, or via Skype. 



If you are relocating to France, I can help you with the language skills and practical knowledge, so that you can:

  • Talk to the doctor, the pharmacist, the bank, etc.

  • Get to know your neighbours and make friends

  • Deal with the French administration (tax man, mairie, etc.)

  • Find employment or run a business

  • Immerse yourself in the French culture and way of life

My 'Relocation' course consists of the following:

  • ‘Survival kit’ classes, including grammar, key structures and vocabulary

  • Conversation classes

  • Socio-cultural background to help you deal with the ‘culture shock’

Teaching modalities: 1 to 1 or group sessions, at home, or via Skype.


Learn French in Paris

In the summer, I organise trips to Paris for small groups or individuals, which combine learning French with first-hand experience of French life and culture.

As a native Parisian, I love to share with you both the obvious treasures and the hidden gems of this marvellous city.

Trips are highly flexible as to timing and duration and, whilst you make your own travel arrangements, I will arrange everything related to outings, museum visits, tours and teaching time on site.

These trips are always great fun, contact me to find out more.


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